Trevanion Ave Slope Repair

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Project Overview

GeoBuild was contacted by a group of homeowners near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after an existing retaining wall failed and left them with compromised backyards. Furthermore, additional land movement and potential slope failures were a risk to the structures. Behind the homes, a public park owned by the city exhibited signs of slope issues as well.

GeoBuild worked with the homeowners and multiple public entities in order to develop a design to meet the project needs and client budgets. Ultimately, a hybrid system was selected. Soil nails and shotcrete were utilized immediately adjacent to the homes in order to stabilize the structures, an 18-ft tall GCS wall build out with micropile foundations and lightweight aggregate was built to restore the backyards, and a downslope soil nail and high-tensile mesh system was installed in order to address potential shallow failures in the adjacent park.

Our Advantage>

  • Design-Build Expertise
  • Exceptional Responsiveness
  • Trusted Partner – Worked with multiple owners
  • Creative, Out-of-the-Box Solutions
  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Flexibility During Construction