Micropiles are small-diameter, drilled, deep foundation elements. They are great when installing in challenging soil and rock conditions or locations. Most micropiles are around 5 to 12 inches in diameter and consist of a reinforcing bar surrounded by grout. Micropiles can also be battered (installed at an angle) in order to optimize the design of the foundation system.

Despite their small diameters, micropiles can achieve high vertical capacities. At GeoBuild, we utilize micropiles for slope stability in the support of our GCS® Walls, on steep slopes, for new foundations or foundation modifications for the telecommunications and power industries, as well as for the underpinning or reinforcing of existing structures.

Micropiles are commonly used where there is low overhead, difficult access, or difficult drilling conditions where other types of deep foundations become impossible and/or cost-prohibitive to install.

Micropile foundation
Micropile drilling