Anchored Mesh

Anchored mesh can be used to stabilize soil or rock faces. These systems consist of wire mesh that is anchored to the repaired slope using either soil nails or rock anchors. The nail and/or anchor spacing is designed to address the capacity of the geomaterials of the face.

By using mesh on slopes comprised of soils in lieu of other facing materials (such as shotcrete), vegetation can be established on the soil slope. This can provide a more pleasing appearance with time.

GeoBuild can also design and build a draped mesh system. These systems are similar to anchored mesh, but rather than anchoring throughout the face of the slope, the netting/mesh is only anchored at the top. This system’s function is more for fall attenuation rather than rock-fall mitigation.

Anchored Mesh for Soil Slopes

Anchored mesh for soil slopes, also called nailed or pinned mesh, addresses the instability of the slope via soil nails while the anchored mesh facing protects the surface from erosion. Anchored mesh can be combined with a geosynthetic mat that promotes vegetation growth and provides further erosion resistance (not to mention a visually pleasing appearance).

Pipeline anchored mesh
Anchored Mesh

Anchored Mesh for Rock-Fall

Just because a slope is comprised of rock does not mean it is stable and safe. Rocks can weather and have a variety of other issues that, when combined with steep face angles, can present serious hazards to the public. By using high-capacity steel wire mesh that is tensioned so that the mesh is as tight to the slope as possible, GeoBuild mitigates hazards associated with sloughing and erosion of the rock face.