Slope Stabilization

Our design-build expertise has positioned us to respond quickly to emergency or difficult situations that need to be addressed expediently. We can perform a thorough assessment using many analytical tools at our disposal, understand the grading of the site, and complete a detailed analysis of the stability of the existing slope in order to develop our recommended solution. Our unique, purpose-designed, and proprietary equipment position us perfectly to assist you with your slope needs.

Landslide Stabilizations

Landslides cause billions of dollars a year in damage in the United States alone (Schuester and Highland, 2001). This figure doesn’t even consider the massive indirect economic impacts from lost infrastructure and the inconveniences presented to the traveling public! It is no wonder that the repair and reinforcement of slopes is GeoBuild’s marquee service.

Slope failures can be gradual or rapid. At GeoBuild, we utilize a variety of tools, including soil nails, shotcrete, anchored mesh, micropiles, and reinforced soil/GCS walls. Designed by our in-house engineers and installed by our specialized crews, these systems provide safe and economical solutions to address a wide variety of slope challenges.

Soil Nails for Roadways

Pre-emptive slope treatments

At GeoBuild, we are here to support owners, developers, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors who are tasked with developing (or redeveloping) on and/or near slopes. From providing slope reinforcement that facilitates steeper grades in search of more buildable land, to installing pre-emptive slope treatments that mitigate the risk of nearby cut/fill slopes, we have the design and installation expertise to fully protect and maximize your investment.