Rock Slope Stabilization

Have you ever driven down the highway and noted a “caution: falling rocks” sign and looked up to see danger looming overhead? At GeoBuild, our goal is to provide a variety of services to mitigate the risks associated with rock slopes. Using our in-house design engineers and our experienced frontline crews, we provide turnkey design-build solutions to protect the public from these geohazards.

Rock Bolting

Rock bolts are typically grouted and post-tensioned bars used to anchor unstable, jointed, or fractured rock masses together. Mechanical methods or resin can be used in place of grout to bond or secure the rock bolt to the rock. Rock bolting/reinforcement is typically used where there is not enough room to construct a containment system such as a rock fence or a catchment ditch.

GeoBuild has experience utilizing a variety of anchoring methods to deliver an optimum solution. Typically, the rock face is stabilized using rock bolts and then protected from further damage using shotcrete or mesh facing.

Rock Fall Containment

Rock Fall Containment

Where space is available, the installation of rock fencing, catchment ditches, and other elements can be used to contain falling rocks. Our team not only has the expertise to select and define the appropriate methods, but to also effectively and safely install our designs.

Anchored Mesh

Anchored mesh is a wire mesh that is hung tightly on the face of a rock slope and anchored with rock bolts in order to mitigate rock fall potential. Depending on the rock condition, the steepness of the slope, and the available space, our design engineers select the most appropriate solution to address the challenges associated with each unique site.

Anchored Mesh

Rock Scaling

Rock slope stabilization can be accomplished in some cases by simply removing potentially unstable rock. This is known as rock scaling. Rock scaling is a method of removing loose rock on the face of a slope, typically accomplished using hand tools. Where slopes are steep, workers can be supported by anchored ropes, also known as rope access.

Rope Access

Often, due to the steep nature of rock slopes, access can be a challenge. Specialized crews can be used for “rope access” projects whereby ropes are anchored at the top of the slope to support tethered individuals. GeoBuild values safety and is committed to proper training (SPRAT rope access). In fact, GeoBuild was recently awarded a 2020 Association of GeoHazard Professionals (AGHP) Rope Access Safety Recognition Award.