Excavation Support

We can design and install permanent or temporary shoring solutions. Our in-house design engineers can design a system to be installed by our experienced crews using one of our many tools to fit your project requirements and budgets.

Permanent Shoring

Soil Nail Systems can be a great option for retaining walls. They can be installed quickly, with redundancy, constructed in difficult access locations, and even faced with an architectural finish (if desired). GeoBuild has constructed walls up to 50 feet in height. As described below, we have many different solutions to help you with your project.

Temporary Shoring

Temporary (construction) Shoring

During construction activities, a safe excavation is essential to protect workers and in-place infrastructure. If site constraints prohibit laying back an excavation, we can provide a solution that fits the project needs.

GeoBuild’s design-build team can work with contractors and developers to provide custom shoring solutions that meet the project budget and schedule.

Permanent and temporary shoring solutions are designed and installed by our team of geoprofessionals. A list of our tools is below: