Our Services

GeoBuild provides a wide range of services related to temporary earth support, retaining walls, slope stability, retaining wall repair, landslide repair, rock stabilization, and ground improvement. We have the commitment and responsiveness of a small firm, but the capabilities and experience of a large company. GeoBuild works on small unique projects, large complex projects and, everything in between. As a design-build firm, the combination of our construction expertise, equipment, and design-capabilities allow us to not only respond quickly but define the best solution.

Our key services are listed below. Our local geoprofessionals are standing by in order to help. Contact us for more information.

Slope Stabilization

Slopes provide some of the greatest backgrounds in nature. Unfortunately, slope failures are very common due to the reduction of shear strength in weak soil or rock, water flow or saturation, cracking, settlement of soil, strain softening, a seismic event, removal or addition of soils or loads to the top of the slope, a drop in water levels, creep, weathering and many other factors. These geohazards present significant risks to lives and our infrastructure.

At GeoBuild, we take pride in protecting people and property by offering landslide remediation and stabilization services, as well as provide owners and developers with pre-emptive engineered slope treatments that facilitate the development of previously undesirable land.

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Excavation Support

Our in-house design engineers can design a system to fit your project requirements. These come in all sizes and in all types of subsurface conditions. They can be in locations difficult to access or with limited space.

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Rock Slope Stabilization

Have you ever driven down the highway and noted a “caution: falling rocks” sign and looked up to see danger looming overhead? At GeoBuild, our goal is to provide a variety of services to mitigate the risks associated with rock slopes. Using our in-house design engineers and our experienced frontline crews, we provide turnkey design-build solutions to protect the public from these geohazards.

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Retaining Wall Repairs

As infrastructure ages and conditions change, it is not uncommon for retaining walls to require repairs. By repairing existing walls, we can help minimize the impact to the supported infrastructure and properties, while providing the performance that is needed.

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Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Dams are a critical component of the nation’s infrastructure. Dams are tasked with retaining water and resisting failure due to seepage, undermining, overtopping, settlement, and seismic loading (among other factors).

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Ground Improvement

GeoBuild provides ground improvement services in order to control settlement through compaction grouting. This method involves injecting grout at high pressures into the soil mass. The grout then expands and displaces/compacts the surrounding soils. Through this process, the composite soil matrix is comprised of grout columns and densified soil.

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