Todd Starkey, P.E.

Lead Engineer/Estimator

“Todd is a great fit for a design-build company. His approach to every project is specific to that challenge and he understands the construction considerations to build what he designs. He has a great understanding of the soil and rock properties, founded during his years in geotechnical consulting, which allows him to be very creative with his designs to meet the needs of the project. His attention to detail and competitive spirit help drive our team to continually be better and more focused. His interests to learn new and different things have taken him to Europe numerous times and keeps him on the leading edge of technology and innovation.” – Kurt Amidon, President

What separates GeoBuild from the competition: We truly do work around the clock to make sure that our clients and the public in general are best served through our work. It makes it easy when you love what you’re doing, and I get that energy from everyone on our team.

Why do you do what you do: I was drawn to the Civil Engineering industry because I always enjoyed figuring out how things are built and how to best use tools to create the best solution for a problem. I am particularly drawn to design-build because I am able to see my designs get built and see the final products that will ultimately help keep the public safe.

College: University of Cincinnati (B.S. in Civil Engineering), University of Dayton (M.S. in Civil Engineering)

Years in Industry: 11