Paul Hale, P.G.

Project Development Geologist - Mid-Atlantic Region

“Paul brings a unique combination of experience to GeoBuild consisting of operations, leadership, and site investigations/evaluations. Paul has a background as a Military Police Officer in the Marines, geotechnical and environmental consulting , geotechnical drilling, and construction. Outside of work, Paul is a certified yoga instructor in vinyasa, yin, and restorative modalities and teaches small group classes with his wife. His ability to identify critical items and creative problem solving has benefited many project discussions and continually proves what a huge asset Paul is to our team.” – Kurt Amidon, President

Why do you do what you do: I enjoy helping others in general.  My work lets me help those affected by geotechnical challenges.

What separates GeoBuild from the competition: Our flexible team structure lets us adapt to the challenges our clients and projects bring. Our team of geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, seasoned crew members, and diversely experienced support staff bring a valuable range of perspectives and ideas when it’s time to solve a problem. Longevity of our field staff is also a differentiator. While GeoBuild is a relatively young company, many of our drillers bring 25 to 40 years of experience from different aspects of the industry to bear on our projects.

College: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.S.), Kent State University (M.S.)

Years in Industry: 26