Levi Kallio

Project Manager

“Levi started as a laborer hanging from cliffs doing rockfall mitigation work and then transitioned to a field engineer. His strong attention to detail, ability to plan, stay calm and coordinate had him promoted to a project manager. His combination of the skills needed to be a rock climber such as problem solving, planning, and mental focus, along with his passion to help people, his infectious enthusiasm and optimism, and his college education has made him a successful project manager and invaluable part of the team at GeoBuild.” – Kurt Amidon, President

Proudest Moment at GeoBuild: Working on a project which involved four houses that lost their backyard to a landslide that was still threatening the houses above, Geobuild created a solution to both stabilize the houses and return their backyards. The project took approximately two months but now the homeowners can have peace of mind their houses are now safe from future landslides.

Why do you do what you do: I started in the industry as a rockfall technician and after working in the field I decided that I enjoyed the management aspect of projects more. I worked to become a project manager over the course of a year. As a project manager, I get to see many different types of geotechnical challenges and help different clients on a daily basis.

What separates GeoBuild from the competition: Teamwork, to put it simply. Our office staff and crew work together to come up with innovative solutions. No matter how big or small the project, we are committed to coming up with the best solution for the client.

College: University of New Mexico

Years in Industry: 3