Chris Monahan

Director of Operations

“Chris’s passion to protect people and love for construction makes him a great fit on our team. He is committed to doing the right thing and quickly gained the respect of our team and our clients with his work ethic, honesty, and ability to plan. In his free time, Chris loves traveling and hiking with his wife and dog.” – Kurt Amidon, President

Proudest Moment at GeoBuild: We received an emergency call from an oil and gas client. There was a landslide that was compromising the integrity of their active pipeline. For safety, the pipeline was shut down. We responded quickly with a design and proposal. When we got to the site we worked vigilantly with our client to come up with the best game plan to stabilize the pipe so gas could flow safely again. Despite being in the middle of winter, the snow did not stop us from beating the schedule. I am extremely proud of our whole team, from engineering to administration, project management, and operations. Everyone came together to satisfy our client’s needs.

Why do you do what you do: I went to college for land surveying and civil engineering. After an internship working as a field engineer in tunneling, I fell in love with the construction side of the industry. During my time in construction, I developed a passion for making a tangible difference. Protecting people and infrastructure from geohazards allows me to pursue my passion.

What separates GeoBuild from the competition: Our design-build capabilities. By having an internal engineering team, we can make modifications to our designs on the fly based on real-time drilling conditions.

College: Penn State University, B.S. in Civil Engineering

Years in Industry: 6