Meinken Field Slope Stabilization

Covington, Kentucky

Project Overview

A community baseball park built as part of the MLB All-Star Game, located just south of Cincinnati, had a slope failure threatening center field. When the Geotechnical Consultant recognized the access challenges presented by the outfield fence’s proximity to the slope and wanted to avoid damaging the field during construction, they reached out to GeoBuild.

GeoBuild established a detailed access plan to avoid having to remove the fence and designed a solution that stabilized the slope, re-established a maintenance path around the field, and provided additional downslope erosion control measures. A bat population limited the timeline for tree removal, but GeoBuild was able to work around those challenges as well and quickly deliver the emergency-funded repair.

Ultimately, not only did GeoBuild avoid unnecessary damage to the baseball field, but we saved the owner over $200,000. We are proud of the way we partnered closely with the Geotechnical Consultant to satisfy their design performance requirements and hit a home run for the owner, project team, and the communities. Play Ball!

Project Quantities

Tools Used

Our Advantage>

  • Design-Build Expertise
  • Exceptional Responsiveness
  • Trusted Partner – Worked with multiple owners
  • Creative, Out-of-the-Box Solutions
  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Flexibility During Construction